Chickens - Softfeather

Breeders of particular softfeather breeds

Ancona  (5)

Andalusian  (2)

Araucana  (10)

Australorp  (26)

Barnevelder  (16)

Brahma  (6)

Campine  (4)

Cochin  (6)

Dorking  (9)

Faverolles  (9)

Frizzle  (4)

Hamburgh  (10)

Houdan  (2)

Japanese  (5)

Legbar  (2)

Leghorn  (10)

Marans  (18)

Minorca  (3)

Orpington  (20)

Pekin  (17)

Phoenix  (1)

Plymouth Rock  (16)

Polish  (1)

Rhode Island  (14)

Rosecomb  (0)

Sebright  (3)

Silkie  (22)

Spanish  (2)

Sultan  (2)

Sussex  (39)

Welsummer  (5)

Wyandotte  (27)

Yokohama  (1)

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Barossa Valley, SA 5353

I'm no longer breeding chooks.


Barossa Valley
Angaston, SA 5353

no longer breeding sussex


A+ Mannagum Poultry

Inverleigh (Geelong region), VIC 3321

Mannagum Poultry breed double laced barnevelder, silver laced wyandotte, light sussex and dark barred plymouth rocks. Please visit our website: http

Adele's Belgian d'Uccle Bantams

Australia, 5075

Millefleur Belgian d'Uccle Bantams

Alaryn Farm

South Bingera, Qld 4670

We have the beautiful Welsh Harlequin Ducks and the Barnevelder and Red Dorking chooks. All are ideal for the small holding enthusiast or the breeder

Ancona std black

Fertile eggs sometimes pullets and hens...... Pick up only

Anihu Poultry

Australia, 7302

Hand raised chickens - regularly hatching out various breeds. Focussing on rare breeds with good laying characteristics and using these in our


110 Koppin Yarratt rd
Upper Lansdowne
Upper lansdowne, 2430

Incubated & only rooster we kept. Free not for pot

Annie Medlicott

110 Koppin Yarratt Road
Upper Lansdowne
Taree, 2430

Free to good home

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