Chickens - Softfeather

Breeders of particular softfeather breeds

Ancona  (5)

Andalusian  (4)

Araucana  (13)

Australorp  (24)

Barnevelder  (20)

Brahma  (3)

Campine  (6)

Cochin  (7)

Dorking  (9)

Faverolles  (10)

Frizzle  (5)

Hamburgh  (9)

Houdan  (3)

Japanese  (4)

Legbar  (1)

Leghorn  (10)

Marans  (18)

Minorca  (3)

Orpington  (19)

Pekin  (17)

Phoenix  (1)

Plymouth Rock  (16)

Polish  (2)

Rhode Island  (15)

Rosecomb  (0)

Sebright  (4)

Silkie  (25)

Spanish  (2)

Sultan  (2)

Sussex  (42)

Welsummer  (5)

Wyandotte  (30)

Yokohama  (1)

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Large Australorp breeder. Back yard stock available from April to June. Show stock may be available at end of June.

Australorps bred by Yummy Gardens Melbourne

Victoria 3761

Yummy Gardens breeds several varieties of chooks including Australorps and Australorp cross New Hampshire.

Bantam Roosters for sale

2790 Thomas Road
Mahogany Creek, 6072

Beautiful bantam roosters for sale

barnevelda breader

186 howes road
farnborough yeppoon qld
yeppoon, 4703

double laced barnevelda show quality

Barnevelder Chicks

59 Jensens Rd
Australia, 4370

barnevelder chicks and eggs

Barrabool Poultry


Sorry I no longer have birds for sale

BC Bantams


Breeding Silver Sebrights since 2011 for show and the preservation of the breed

Belgian d'Uccle Bantams for Sale

PO Box 9227
Mt Gambier West, SA 5291

2 Black/Blue/Splash breeding groups

BellaRoo Poultry

Queensland 4570

Standard Size Australorps in Blue, Black and White as well as Silver Spangled Hamburghs.

Benjamin Lang

P.O Box 434 Millicent 5280
Tantanoola, South Australia 5280

I have the following breeds RIR large and bantam, Light Sussex, Australorp large and bantam, Black and white Silkies and Buff Pekin.

I also have

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