Chickens - Softfeather

Breeders of particular softfeather breeds

Ancona  (5)

Andalusian  (2)

Araucana  (11)

Australorp  (26)

Barnevelder  (21)

Brahma  (3)

Campine  (4)

Cochin  (7)

Dorking  (10)

Faverolles  (9)

Frizzle  (5)

Hamburgh  (9)

Houdan  (3)

Japanese  (4)

Legbar  (1)

Leghorn  (10)

Marans  (18)

Minorca  (3)

Orpington  (21)

Pekin  (17)

Phoenix  (1)

Plymouth Rock  (17)

Polish  (2)

Rhode Island  (15)

Rosecomb  (0)

Sebright  (3)

Silkie  (26)

Spanish  (2)

Sultan  (2)

Sussex  (41)

Welsummer  (5)

Wyandotte  (30)

Yokohama  (1)

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Benjamin Lang

P.O Box 434 Millicent 5280
Tantanoola, South Australia 5280

I have the following breeds RIR large and bantam, Light Sussex, Australorp large and bantam, Black and white Silkies and Buff Pekin.

I also have

Blue Mountains Sussex

Springwood, NSW 2777

Light Sussex Bantams

Bollith Poultry

Mount Helena, WA 6082

Bollith Poultry specialises in selling day old and week old chicks, all fully vaccinated for Marek's. We can also offer arrange of accessories, all

Braham Metry Auctioneers

Australia, New South Wales

Braham Metry Auctioneers
Mammoth Muscovy Ducks
White Leghorns


1600 Princes Highway
Buckley, Victoria 3240

Birds sometimes available
plus eggs (pick up only)

Buff Sussex

Pages Road
Australia, 7325

Buff Sussex fertile eggs from healthy free ranging purebred parents. Some chickens available from now on.

Cagi Poultry Stud

Bathurst, Nsw 2795

Breeders of Australia Langshan
breeders of Australorp


Portland, NSW 2847

I breed Silver Spangled Hamburgs and blue, black, splash Silkies. I sell birds and fertile eggs.

Contact by email
or phone

Chalmore Cottage Poultry

Dysart, Tasmania 7030

Barnevelder, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Vorwerk.
Fertile eggs available, call for availability of pullets.

Charmic Valley Poultry

We are a small hobby breeder located in beautiful Tasmania. Our main breeding program consists of our Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantams and our

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