A+ Mannagum Poultry

A+ Mannagum Poultry

If you are after some backyard chickens which look spectacular but are also great egg-producers then Mannagum chickens are just what you are looking for. Heritage hens live and lay for 7-10+ yrs and lay a L to XL egg (approx 250/yr) in contrast to your Isa Brown which lays heaily for a few years and is spent.

All of our poultry are large varieties and display spectacular feathering and pure heritage breed features. They are robust, friendly and produce throughout the winter months. All our breeds are happy to run together in a mixed flock due to their gentle natures and similar size.

We produce free-range, quality stock and sell pullets (young hens) at 10-12 weeks of age. Please see our 'for sale now' page for current available stock or place an order through out contact us page.

At Mannagum we enjoy breeding chicken varieties that are rare and have a point of difference to your over-worked and short lived Isa Brown. Keeping old pure heritage chicken varietys is a pleasure and passion which we hope you will also enjoy in your backyard. There is nothing quite like collecting your own fresh eggs each day - and the taste...amazing!

Website: http://mannagumpoultry.simplesite.com/

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