The Leghorn Club of Australia Inc

The Leghorn Club of Australia Inc

From club website:

The Noble Leghorn is a well known variety of poultry, having originated in Italy, with stock first exported from the port of Leghorn. Interest in the Leghorn was first taken by America, who commonly noticed the breed's highlight as a superior egg layer.White Leghorns won many egg-laying competitions in the early

1900’s and became the most common purebred fowl in Australia. When poultry farmers moved to using a simple cross-breeding method to further improve egg production, the White Leghorn male crossed with Australorp females became the most common cross in use as a dual purpose breed. Today, the Leghorn is an extremely popular show fowl (both large and bantam) with it's elegantly slim body and proud stance, coming in a wide variety of beautiful colours. We will try to give you some insight into why we think the Leghorn truly is "one of the most attractive breeds"

Brendan Sharpe
Uralla NSW.

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