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Ascot Park Chickens

375 Sandmount road
Australia, 3640

Ascot Park at Katunga

Barrabool Poultry


Sorry I no longer have birds for sale

Benjamin Lang

P.O Box 434 Millicent 5280
Tantanoola, South Australia 5280

I have the following breeds RIR large and bantam, Light Sussex, Australorp large and bantam, Black and white Silkies and Buff Pekin.

I also have

Chellydale Bantams

Ross Creek, Vic 3351

Breeding Pekin, Belgian D'uccle and Japanese bantams

Indian Runners, Brahmas, Pekins.....

Illaroo, NSW 2540

During the Season I will have hopefully some of the below available as unsexed chicks, Ducklings eggs only become available after fertility has been

Krynndale Poultry

Breeder of:

Black/Blue Faverolles
BLS/SL and BLG Wyandottes
Mixed colour Pekins
Speckled Sussex

Bronze, Blue/Blue barred and Black/Black barred

Lindendale -Moree

Australia, 2400

Pekin bantams in many colours available most of the time.Our pekins are not exhibition birds but are still good quality.Ideal childrens pet.

Moorak Park Poultry

Morrak Park Poultry
Warnervale, NSW 2259

French Marans, Wheaten ,Buff, Blue Marans

Orpington love

7 westside drive
Australia, 2880

I live in broken hill nsw and i am totally in live with my feathered family. I have pure bread orpingtons ,gold laced whyndottes, silver laced

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