Poultry Club of Tasmania INC

Poultry Club of Tasmania INC


Established in 1948, the Poultry Club of Tasmania was formed to promote pure bred poultry including bantams and waterfowl. We are one of the oldest poultry clubs in Tasmania with our roots tracing back to the former Elphin Showgrounds in Launceston. Now located at the showgrounds of the northern midlands township of Longford we are ideally situated to attract poultry fanciers and enthusiasts from across the state. Each year we conduct four poultry club shows and an annual pure bred poultry auction. In recent years we have upgraded our meeting room, kitchen and exhibition pavilion to a level that is of a national standard. We have a management committee that is a well balanced mix of experience, youth and enthusiasm. Above all we are forward thinking and devoted to promoting poultry within our island state. We cordially invite those interested in pure bred poultry to attend our shows and auction and to become part of Tasmania’s pure bred poultry heritage by joining our membership ranks. Membership applications may be downloaded from our website.

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