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Online Poultry Shows

Show your birds online with the BYP Poultry Show


How it works:

1. exhibitors photograph a unique set of photos for each entry
2. entries are posted on a CD or emailed to us before the closing date
3. entries are collated and sent to an official judge (can be anywhere in the world)
4. entries are displayed on this webpage
5. when judging is completed, results and exhibitor names are also displayed

more details on how to enter can be found at:
*** How to Enter the Show ***
*** Updates & help ***

Display of Online Shows

2011 - 2012 (new)
Nov Show 2009
May Show 2009
Feb Show 2009
Winter Show 2007
Autumn Show 2007


  • Encourages people to take better photos of their birds
  • Get feedback on how good your birds really are
  • Compare and compete birds located thousands of km's apart
  • No problems of diseases
  • Don't lose your weekends (can enter any day or night to the closing date)
  • People living in isolated locations can get a chance to put their birds on display.
  • Great way to start showing without the pressure of a live show
  • Receive feedback on your birds from guest judge
  • Promote and put your favourite breed(s) on display.