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Photo Competitions

Join the fun of taking great photos


How it works:

  • Theme is set by previous winner
  • Photos are taken especially for this competition.
    Start and End dates are announced on forum *** Photo Competition Forum ***
  • To enter, you must be a current member with an active account on the forum/gallery (free)
  • Image(s) with their accompanying photo title(s) are emailed to the photo competition manager "taylorducks"
  • Photos are posted into the gallery by the "photo competition manager" *** Photo Competition Gallery ***
  • After entries close, Voting starts and members send in their preferences for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
  • Winners are announced on the forum and the winning image becomes the next feature photo on front index page
    *** Website Front Page ***
  • The 3 winning images are added to the Display of Photo Competition Winners accessible below.
More details and questions can be asked on the:
*** Photo Competition Forum *** There are plenty of members that are be happy to help.

Photo Competition Winners

Poultry Portraits (new)
Birds on the Move
Ho Ho Ho Santa is Here!
Easter Egg Surprise
Summer Vacation
Pampered Poultry
Romeo & Juliet
Poultry Most Fowl (Foul)
Poultry Out of Place
Fancy Dressed Fowl
Children and Poultry
Poultry Portraits
Who Rules the Roost?
Poultry Relationships
Cleaning & Preening
Poultry Humour
Birds of a feather, stick together
Christmas in the Chook Shed
Just hatched
Feather Patterns


1. All photos must follow the theme guidelines.
2. Entry is open to anybody with a BYP account.
2. Limit of 2 entries per user for each competition
3. The following adjustments are allowed:
a). Colour, sharpness, and contrast adjustments that affect the entire picture in the same manner.
b). Cropping
c). Adding a border
d). With the exception of the above, no other Photoshopping or editing is permitted.
5. Only enter photos to which you own the rights and you have taken personally.
6. Photos must be taken especially for this competition; ie, during the competition start and end date.

Important: If you are using a digital camera, it is important that you ensure that the time and date are correctly set on your camera.
If the date in the EXIF data is outside the competition's timeframe, the photo will be rejected.
Note that this does not apply to film shooters, but the photo must still be taken within the competition timeframe.

Entering Photos:

  • email your pics to Photo Comp BYPphotocomp@gmail.com
  • The following fields are required for a submission to be approved:
    a). Title
    b). Username/BYP ID (your username will not be displayed to the general public - all entries are anonymous until the close of voting)
  • Other details are welcome but optional.


  • The voting period is announced within the relevant Photo comp thread.
  • All BYPers are eligible to vote, even if they haven't entered a photo. Judging is done by popular vote
    by poll before the completion of the photo competition (vote for your top 3.)
  • Winner of each competition will have their picture displayed on the BYP main page
    for the period of the next competition along with their user name.