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This site is dedicated to promoting and preserving
backyard poultry keeping throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Feature Photo - This is my Good Side - Luvmebaby - Photo Comp 23
This is my Good Side - Luvmebaby - Photo Comp 23
The art of owning and breeding pure bred poultry can be very rewarding and enjoyable indeed. The challenge of improving a breed, the thrill of participating and succeeding at shows, the feeling of accomplishment and pride in owning and maintaining beautiful fowls with unique heritage, or just relaxing in the enjoyment of observing one of the most stunning and useful creatures on Earth in your very own backyard.

Keeping poultry can ensure a plentiful supply of eggs superior in taste and freshness; meat with flavour and texture that's real and authentic; gardens that grow and produce like never before; and as an educational tool in animal husbandry, reproduction, sustainability and responsible ownership.

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