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Poultry Articles


Advice for Beginners Starting out in Pure Breed Poultry CHOOSING A BREED

Beginners Information about Exhibition Poultry SHOWING POULTRY

A Brief Description & List of some Common Breeds BREED LIST

Article on Australian Australorps AUSTRALORP

Information on Wyandottes WYANDOTTES

Tall, Duck & Handsome - by Sharon Kennedy Ducks

Tape Worms in Poultry -by Karen Johns Tapeworms

Ideas for local Poultry Clubs CLUB PROMOTION

Aggression in the chook pen - By Karen Johns AGGRESSION

Is there something wrong with my bird - By Karen Johns HEALTHY?

"A" Frame chicken Coop - By Joe Bonnell "A" FRAME?

Breeding Blue Leghorns - By Tony Wonka BLUE LEGHORNS

Washing Pekins By Karen Johns WASHING PEKINS (& show preparation) (758KB)

HOW TO KILL A CHICKEN FOR FOOD - By Jennie (Chooken) Humane Killing (for food)

Making a Poultry Tether - By Richard Oakey (Granpa) TETHERING POULTRY

Chickens for Use and Beauty - H.S. Babcock (The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine May 1890-Oct 1890 pp47-60) Chickens for Use and Beauty