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Winter Show 2007

Judges Comments

  • The owners are to be congratulated for going to the effect to put on a display of birds like this, well done exhibitors.
  • The Cochin Cockerel was the Champion with the Japanese Hen Reserve Champion.
  • Some birds looked to be better than what the photos portrayed
  • At a normal show, you have the added advantage of handling, hence you get a feel for the birds ( weight, breast bone, and firmness ) and can also move the birds around to get them to stand.
I have enjoyed the task you set me.
John Eccles

Large Hard Feather
Large Soft Feather
Bantam Hard Feather
Bantam Soft Feather


Based on traffic lights, colours are awarded as follows:
  • Green indicates that the exhibit is considered show quality (those that, with good management and preparation, could do well in an exhibition)
  • Orange indicates breed quality (those that are reasonably true to standard and, with good management, should breed better quality stock
  • Red indicates garden stock. Birds with one or more faults according to breed standard, and good birds to have in the garden or pets.
Note: Judge receives larger images than what is displayed on the website.