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Autumn Show 2007

Judges Comments

Overall Pile Modern Champion bird & Malay Game Ckl reserve bird, both would do well at poultry club shows, modern if showed would have won a number of awards. Special mention to the Blue Australorp & the D'uccle millefleur hen both very nice birds & would have won breed awards. Sorry for time taken, modern technology problems & lack of time.

Michael Holmes

Large Hard Feather
Large Soft Feather Light
Large Soft Feather Heavy
Bantam Hard Feather
Bantam Soft Feather Light
Bantam Soft Feather Heavy


Based on traffic lights, colours are awarded as follows:
  • Green indicates that the exhibit is considered show quality (those that, with good management and preparation, could do well in an exhibition)
  • Orange indicates breed quality (those that are reasonably true to standard and, with good management, should breed better quality stock
  • Red indicates garden stock. Birds with one or more faults according to breed standard, and good birds to have in the garden or pets.
Note: Judge receives larger images than what is displayed on the website.