Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the map showing an accurate location?

The maps displayed on a listing are based on the geolocation using street address and postcode.  If the information is missing or incorrect, the map will not be accurate.  Check your listing details. If you are still not happy with your map, you may email us your preferred set of coordinates and we will put them in manually for you.


Featured Listings

  • Riverbend Farm

    38 Miandetta Drive
    Margate 7054

    We are a small Tasmanian business that supplies

  • Kalimna Heritage Breeds

    94 McFarlanes Road
    Hamilton, Vic 3300

    Currently breeding Salmon Faverolles and Aylesbury

  • Japanese Bantams and Saxony Bantams

    109 Atkinson Street Oakleigh
    Oakleigh, VIC 3166

    Pedigree Japanese bantams and Pedigree Saxony

  • Black Ameraucana

    Perth Hills

    Bred from araucana.

  • Chookmahal

    Tamworth, NSW 2340

    My aim is to breed show quality Hamburghs.