Pet Protector Hunter Valley

Pet Protector Hunter Valley

Australian food grade diatomaceous earth (certified by the QLD government) available in the Hunter Valley at competitive prices.
Postage / Freight available Australia wide.
Local pickup available (by appt. preferred)
Poultry enthusiasts can experience the many benefits of feeding de with an overall improved health of their hens. When consumed, de travels through the digestive tract, cleaning the intestinal walls, absorbing toxins and carrying these out of the body. This results in better absorption of vitamin and minerals from food sources and aids the prevention and control of intestinal parasites*.
The benefits of de help improve health and better health leads to improved production for example; increased egg production, ease the impact that annual moulting can effect a birds immunity with a natural source of silica and calcium, vital in the growth of feathers. Other reported benefits are reduces death rates in hatching chicks, improved growth rates, stronger bone density, more meat to bone % (meat production).
External uses incl. dusting nesting boxes and coop for the prevention of mites & lice outbreaks (pest control), absorbs moisture and bad odours resulting in lesser flying insects and their larvae.
*when used regularly at the recommended doses and in conjunction with an integrated pest management plan

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