Royal Rooster - Aussie Made Mobile Chicken Coops

Royal Rooster - Aussie Made Mobile Chicken Coops

Royal Rooster has one of the best ranges of modern chicken coops for sale in Australia. Our products combine innovative design and quality materials, so you can be sure that your coop will not only look great but last for many years in your backyard.

Our chook tractors come in a variety of designs including roll-frame, square-frame, walk-in and a range of deluxe two-storey castles for pampered poultry. They are sent all around Australia in flat packed form and include laying boxes and perches, with a range of upgrades available for those needing wheels, weather protection panels or a fox proof mesh floor.

We also have innovative chicken feeders and drinkers available, which have been designed to help keep chook food and water clean, and to minimise the spillage and waste that can often occur with other types of feeders.

Order your chicken house online with Royal Rooster today! Go to or phone 1800 817 745.

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