Ark Sheetmetal Pty Ltd

Ark Sheetmetal Pty Ltd

Steely Dam chicken coops are designed & built in Melbourne. Designed specifically for small urban backyards, coop dimensions are L1.6m, W0.8m, & H1.5m-housing up to 6 hens. Made from quality Bluescope Steel. Weight approx 30kg.

Design was determined after scouring through the Dept of Primary Industries Code for the Welfare of Poultry and consultation with other chook experts.If you have limited space this coop is ideal. Each coop includes 2 nesting boxes & enough perch space for 6 hens. Other features include:

1) Sturdy gal mesh floor to simplify cleaning/harvesting chook poo for composting.

2) Modular design allows for easy dismantling for cleaning or moving.

3) Easy access to nesting boxes via side hatch.

4) Fox proof construction enables hens to be locked away safely at night if required.

5) Sliding roof design allows increased ventilation in hot weather , ease of cleaning & removal of nesting boxes if required.

6) Roof remains vented  when closed. Vents have slight fall to avoid rain "pooling" against top vent edges.

7) Gal mesh access ladder allows the hens to come and go to/from the run during the day.

Support legs have a pad at the base for mounting to concrete pavers via nylon anchor or similar. Price does not include pavers or mounting.

Full price is $1290 but specials are offered from time to time. Also working on a smaller version for 2~3 hens. Same design, just smaller.

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