ChickenSentry Automatic Chicken Door by Watchful Rooster

ChickenSentry Automatic Chicken Door by Watchful Rooster

The ChickenSentry - Automatic Chicken Door by Watchful Rooster

Our Chicken Door is designed with safety in mind for both chickens, pets, children and adults.  Powered by a powerful Linear Actuator we designed and builtin a safety switch to protect anything that gets in it way of the closing door. Once removed the door will continue to close.

As the design being without the use of string and gravity it can be mounted in any of 4 directions to suit he design and placement of your coop and door.
Mains or Solar powered it runs off of 12v DC and is supplied with either a AC to DC Power Pack or a Solar Panel.
Open or Close up to 3 Doors from a single Controller Box each door can be individually enabled or disabled allowing for you to place doors in Multiple Pens and Run area's or even in your Run Fence to allow for automated access to Backyards or area's outside of the run for Pasture time when you want or simply disable the pasture door with the flickof switch and they are confined to the immediate run area around your coop.

  • Safety Auto-Cutoff Mechanism on Door.  Chooks, Pets, Children and even Adults can be unpredictable at times so we designed and built a safety cut-off switch to protect unexpected obstacles to prevent accidental injury from the door closure.
    (Do not place hands fingers or othe devices in the way of closing or opening door under any circumstances).
  • Very Sturdy made of 1.6mm Aluminum extrusions assembled simply drill holes to suit your timber, Steel or Zincalume style coop.We can predrill holes to suit you coop simply add it to your instructions on checkout or msg us directly after purchase.
  • Frame is 750mm High x 350mm Wide x 20mm Deep Motor Cover is 70mm deep x 400mm Long
    Pop Door is 300mmx300mm
  • Can be mounted in any direction due to the design it is much more flexible than strings based Coop Doors

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