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Photo Comp Winner Announced!

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The winner of Photocomp 25 has been announced on the forum. First place goes to ‘Mrs Dot & Family’ by wingingit.

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Maremma Breaking up the Male Chickens

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Videos of Bianca the maremma looking after the male white wyandottes who were a bit scrappy. She casually wanders between them and stops them fighting. I’m not sure if she means to or not but it works. This is a mixed group of boys. Two cocks and about five cockerels. They are a bit edgey because we have caged them separately and then put them out on the grass together.              

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Specialty Breeder Pages

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Specialty Breeder Pages

The first specialty breeder page has been constructed on the new Backyard Poultry WordPress site.  Backyard Poultry is offering free promotional pages for the purpose of publicising specialty breeds, poultry organisations, particular breeders or other poultry groups.  If you are able to provide some information and images and would like a page such as this, please contact us. FRANK PTYELLEK – SICILIAN BUTTERCUPS & HORNETS...

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Backyard Poultry site improvements

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Backyard Poultry is continuing to be improved.  We are now upgrading the main website using WordPress.  We have added a subscription service for our newsletters and a mini store for our branded merchandise.  Construction will continue over the next couple of months and we will keep you updated as new parts of the site come...

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