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Backyard Poultry Wiki is on online collaborative project which aims to provide public access to poultry knowledge. As it grows, we hope it will become a reservoir of poultry content which will assist in the promotion of keeping, breeding and promoting purebreed and other backyard poultry types. At the moment we are beginning with breed pages and poultry health, but this wiki will go in whatever direction contributors take it.

At the moment registration is not required to contribute to the BYP WIKI. Pages may be edited or added by guests. This may change in the future as need for more security develops..

Backyard Poultry Wiki Index

Poultry Breeds

  * Chicken Breeds
  * Duck Breeds
  * Goose Breeds
  * Guinea Fowl
  * Turkeys

Poultry Health

  Poultry Diseases
  *  Fowl Pox
  *  Marek's Disease

Consult the Contents User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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