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Backyard Poultry is run by a team of people that includes Andy Vardy, Cathy Newton (Chicken07), Liz Vardy (zilly) and a number of Backyard Poultry Forum members such as Cackles and others. For the following areas, contact these people:


For general contact, make use of the contact us form at BYP


Backyard Poultry Wiki access or spam reports - email Cathy Newton - contact us form at BYP


Backyard Poultry Forum membership, access, password resets or comments - email Cathy Newton - contact us form at BYP

For matters concerning individual forums on the board, please contact the relevant moderators via the forum private message system.


Backyard Poultry Directory queries - email Cathy Newton (contact us form at BYP) or forum members contact Cackles through the forum private message system.


To provide feedback or report errors on pages - email Cathy Newton or Andy Vardy through the contact us form at BYP.


Backyard Poultry Noticeboard - make contact through the contact us page or message Cackles by forum private message.


Backyard Poultry Calendar - 70%cocoa by forum private message


To contact anyone else associated with the hosting and management of Backyard Poultry, please use the contact form and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person.