Mark Robertson
last updated:2011-04-07 12:49:48
Location:    Dulcot, TAS
Phone:       0417569163
Comments:  Pullets and quality breeding stock available
Breeds:      Japanese Bantam White, Black-Tail White, Blue, Black, Mottled, Blue Mottled, Wheaten, Blue-Tailed Wheaten, Black-Tailed Buff, Brown Red , Sussex Large Light, Buff and Coronation,
James Thomson
last updated:2007-01-16 19:07:40
Location:    Glenorchy, TAS
Phone:       0404430384
Comments:  I breed Colombian Wyandotte Bantams and Blue, Black, White & Bearded White Silkies
Breeds:      Silkie Large: Blue, Black, White, Bearded, Wyandotte Colombian Bantam,
Isaac Walker
last updated:2012-10-03 10:05:45
Location:    Hobart, TAS
Phone:       0409411501
Web Page:
Breeds:      Australorp Large Blue and Black, Aylesbury Duck White, Brahma Large Gold Partridge and White, Japanese Bantam Mottled, Blue, Birchen and Gold Duckwing, Muscovy Duck Dark Barred, Pied (Black and White), Blue and White, Phoenix Blue Red, Quail Japanese, Sebright Bantam Gold,
Annabel Dixon
last updated:2007-05-15 17:17:42
Location:    Smithton, TAS
Comments:  Breed Gold Spangle Hambergs for past 5-6 years. Want to get standard of birds to show quality.
Breeds:      Hamburg Gold Spangle,
glen lewis
last updated:2008-02-19 11:30:44
Location:    elimbah, TAS
Comments:  large sussex light &buff
Breeds:      Sussex large light &buff,
sandra Pennicott
last updated:2007-07-25 18:55:06
Location:    bridgewater, TAS
Breeds:      Rhode Island large,
sam schmidt
last updated:2007-09-13 16:37:33
Location:    mudgee, TAS
Phone:       63735224
Breeds:      Ancona ,
last updated:2008-02-10 11:46:52
Location:    Smithton, TAS
Breeds:      Silkie ,
Carlos Kindred
last updated:2008-11-08 09:36:56
Location:    Old Beach - Tasmania, TAS
Comments:  Pure line Salmon Faverolles. Pure line of self-breeding Indian Game. I am attempting to breed up numbers at present. I'm also attempting to establish a hybrid and set a new breed over time.
Breeds:      Faverolles Salmon , Indian Game Dark,
geoff littler
last updated:2008-07-16 15:10:05
Location:    kingston, TAS
Breeds:      New Hampshire large, Sussex large buff and coronation,
Simon Smith
last updated:2008-07-23 20:26:28
Location:    Ulverstone, TAS
Comments:  Interested in Pekin Bantams and Belgian D'Uccle Bantams
Breeds:      Pekin Bantam ,
Colette Griffin
last updated:2010-01-15 08:31:36
Location:    Allens Rivulet, TAS
Phone:       0362396171
Comments:  I currently only have some young Light Sussex Roosters for Sale $30 each
Breeds:      Indian Runner Duck White, Sussex Large Light,
Jack Moate
last updated:2008-09-02 19:21:38
Location:    Broadmarsh, TAS
Phone:       03685240
Breeds:      Ancona , Andalusian bantam blue, Australian Langshan blue bantam, Australian pit game bantam, Elizabeth Duck , Hamburg large and bantam black and silver spangled, Indian Game large and bantam dark jubilee and blue laced, Indian Runner Duck white, Mallard Duck AORC, Old English Game large pile D/L ginger D/L and duckwing L/L bantam brown red ginger L/L black D/L blue D/L blue duckwing L/L silver duckwing D/L spangled L/L and brassy L/L, Pekin Bantam cuckoo, Pekin Duck ,
jill weaver
last updated:2009-12-28 13:25:44
Location:    ulverstone, TAS
Phone:       64293230
Comments:  New hampshires apart from being a rare breed are also excellent layers and very quiet, making wonderful pets for children.
Breeds:      Guinea Fowl , Japanese Bantam , Jungle fowl , New Hampshire , Pheasants , Rouen Clair Duck , Rouen Duck ,
Anthony Schafer
last updated:2008-09-16 09:30:18
Location:    St. Leonards, TAS
Comments:  Breeder of very short legged Japanese Banatams and Pekin bantams in rare colours. Will sell adult birds & chicks, usually during Summer.
Breeds:      Japanese Bantam plain feathered & frizzled in: black, golden duckwing, spangled , partridge, silver duckwing, Pekin Bantam tricolor, spangled, partridge.,
Jennifer Owens
last updated:2012-03-25 17:03:16
Location:    Margate, TAS
Comments:  I will advertise any birds I have available on my website
Web Page:
Breeds:      Araucana lavender, Plymouth rock Dark barred, Turkeys Bourbon Red, Wyandotte silver laced,
Meg Lawrence
last updated:2013-01-09 00:47:46
Location:    Franklin, TAS
Comments:  I currently have a pair of Khaki-Campbells for sale. They are 14wks old, they are $60.
Web Page:
Breeds:      Campbell Duck Khaki,
Kerrie Donaldson
last updated:2008-12-16 21:07:10
Location:    Telita, TAS
Comments:  I have been breeding Light Sussex now for 13 years and still enjoy my chickens.
Breeds:      Sussex light,
Fergus Lawrence
last updated:2009-02-15 15:30:29
Location:    Franklin, TAS
Comments:  I have just started breeding New Hamshires.
Breeds:      Indian Game Dark, New Hampshire Large red , Sebright Bantam Silver laced,
David Cartledge
last updated:2011-07-13 10:28:46
Location:    Smithton, TAS
Phone:       0400844254
Comments:  We care about preserving & promoting poultry breeds and have on Occasion birds for sale, Please send an email or phone with your Details and the breed your after. Incubator space is available sometimes.
Breeds:      New Hampshire ,
Nick Nikitaras
last updated:2009-11-29 19:29:13
Location:    Kingston, TAS
Comments:  Just starting out. Purchased Silver Grey Dorkings from 2 different breeders in Victoria. Have also started on Buff Sussex and Gold Campines. I have a Gold Campine Cockeral and three young pullets for sale.
Breeds:      Campine Gold, Dorking Silver, Sussex Buff,
Ray Maney
last updated:2009-02-06 10:39:48
Location:    Ulverstone, TAS
Phone:       0364253104
Comments:  Have been showing ducks for the past 15years and have breed high quality show ducks with consistent winners across most states.
Breeds:      Indian Runner Duck White, Pekin Duck White, Rouen Duck ,
Phillip Glover
last updated:2009-04-12 20:05:02
Location:    Sheffield, TAS
Phone:       0364911709
Comments:  Breeds kept Blue Andalusian, Gold legbar and Rhode Island Red (Laying strain) large only. Orders taken for chicks and fertile eggs. Cockerels available. Breeding Trios of Andalusions and legbars.
Breeds:      Andalusian Large Blue, Legbar Large Gold, Rhode Island Large Red. (Laying Strain),
shayne Farrell
last updated:2009-02-09 12:44:54
Location:    Longford, TAS
Phone:       0450676449
Breeds:      Pekin Bantam ,
Marcus Dixon
last updated:2012-02-26 21:16:40
Location:    Smithton, TAS
Comments:  PLEASE NOTE - No Eggs or Chickens Available at the moment.
Breeds:      Wyandotte Silver Laced (Large), Gold Laced (Large),
Jemma Lawrence
last updated:2012-04-02 16:49:53
Location:    Franklin, TAS
Comments:  I currently have 3 pullets and 2 cockerals for sale, $20 a dozen. Also lots of ducks and drakes for sale beautiful colours.
Web Page:
Breeds:      Muscovy Duck variety, Wyandotte bantam, white,
Lisa Colombo
last updated:2009-03-22 20:53:42
Location:    Judbury, TAS
Breeds:      Orpington buff blue black splash all large, Plymouth rock light barred large,
marcus jackson
last updated:2009-04-06 18:07:23
Location:    westbury, TAS
Phone:       63931328
Breeds:      Plymouth rock light barred,large., Sussex large light,large coronation and light bantam.,
Donella Houghton
last updated:2009-04-12 08:08:23
Location:    Beaconsfield, TAS
Phone:       0417152731
Comments:  I breed lovely friendly Muscovies, Bronze, black/white, bronze/white, lavender, lavender/white, blue/white. have also just introduce Mammoths to my breeding program. we love our mussies with a passion,
Breeds:      Muscovy Duck ,
Craig & Jo Walters
last updated:2012-02-03 00:10:32
Location:    Derwent Valley, TAS
Phone:       0409067387
Comments:  Doing our bit in preserving some of the rare & heritage breeds. For sales, please check our website, or the BYP Noticeboard. Feel free to contact us regarding any of our birds, all enquiries welcome.
Web Page:
Breeds:      New Hampshire , Orpington Large Black & Blue, Turkeys Blue, Slate, Royal Palm, Black, & Narragansett,
kelvin strickland
last updated:2009-08-29 19:53:35
Location:    longford, TAS
Breeds:      Leghorn large white / brown pb, Rhode Island large red,
Andrew Kline
last updated:2009-06-30 19:58:50
Location:    Bagdad - Hobart, TAS
Phone:       0362686411
Comments:  Breeding Rare & Heritage Poultry - We show Twice a year to Show our stock to the Public, Private viewing of the stud by Appointment
Web Page:
Breeds:      Australian Game Blue & Brown Red, Barnevelder Large: Double Laced Gold & Blue, Belgian Bantam Duccle: Black, Blue, Black Mottled, Blue Mottled, Millfleur, Porceline, Lavander, Lavander Cuckoo, Lavander Mottled. Danver: Black & Quail. De Watermel: Black & Quail, Dorking Large: Silver Grey, Hamburg Large: Black, Silver Spangle, Gold Spangle & Citreon Spangle, Muscovy Duck White, Black & White, Blue & White, Lavander & White, Lavander, Bronze, Bronze & White, Pekin Bantam Black, Blue, White, Buff, Brown Red, Partridge & Wheaten, Sussex Large: Coronation, Wyandotte Large: Silver Laced, Gold Laced & Blue Laced Gold,
Sharon booth
last updated:2011-04-15 22:55:47
Location:    Ellendale, TAS
Phone:       0408139360
Comments:  I breed New Hampshires, Australorpes-utility line (Black- Large) and (Blue-Large)........I sell fertile eggs, day old chicks, hens, pol, and cockerals....please visit my web page to see if I have any for sale....
Web Page:
Breeds:      Australorp black, New Hampshire ,
last updated:2009-08-03 15:07:50
Location:    glenorchy, TAS
Breeds:      Australorp , Rhode Island , Sussex ,
last updated:2009-08-08 19:47:26
Location:    Riverside, TAS
Breeds:      Pekin Bantam Buff,
Storm Eastley
last updated:2009-08-24 17:10:42
Location:    Premaydena, TAS
Breeds:      Sebright Bantam gold laced,
Amie Grabe
last updated:2009-10-16 11:51:58
Location:    beulah, TAS
Phone:       0417016542
Comments:  Breeding show quality Plymouth Rock dark Barred
Breeds:      Plymouth rock dark Barred,
last updated:2009-10-14 07:54:44
Location:    Fingal, TAS
Phone:       0363741083
Comments:  Gold Lace Wyndottes, Should have pol available about March 2010.
Breeds:      Wyandotte Gold Laced,
Larry Mills
last updated:2009-11-19 16:11:50
Location:    Campania, TAS
Breeds:      Indian Runner Duck , Sussex black & white, Toulouse Geese ,
Matt Broadhurst
last updated:2009-11-26 12:08:32
Location:    (travellers rest) launceston, TAS
Comments:  i have large RIR and enjoy breeding and showing them
Breeds:      Rhode Island large single comb reds,
jason thow
last updated:2009-12-14 23:45:09
Location:    st marys, TAS
Comments:  i breed cochins, and various other rare breeds
Breeds:      Belgian Bantam lavender mottle, millfler, porceline, silver millfler., Brahma white, light, buff collumbian. large, Cochin black, silverlace,goldlace,buff, Hamburg silverspangle bantams, Japanese Bantam black mottled, Polish large white, Sebright Bantam gold and silver laced, Silkie partridge, black, white., Sultan white.,
Daryl James
last updated:2011-01-16 21:16:41
Location:    Launceston, TAS
Phone:       0363491901
Breeds:      Japanese Bantam golden duck wing, black tailed white,
Abigael Stubbs
last updated:2010-01-08 13:56:44
Location:    Westbury, TAS
Comments:  I have Muscovys for sale at the moment
Breeds:      Australorp large black, Muscovy Duck blue pied, white and black pied,
Tim Polley
last updated:2010-01-11 12:23:15
Location:    Cressy, TAS
Phone:       0488303514
Breeds:      Australian Game Black Red and Ginger, Old English Game , Wyandotte White Bantams,
Kevy watson
last updated:2010-01-14 15:51:49
Location:    hobart, TAS
Comments:  I have just started to breed sea brights and i am looking for a new silver sea bright cockeral or rooster because mine is no good
Breeds:      Jungle fowl , Phoenix , Sebright Bantam ,
Jean Lemon
last updated:2012-06-15 22:14:27
Location:    Gretna, TAS
Phone:       62861344
Comments:  This season I am breeding Andalusian and Rhode Island Reds.
Breeds:      Andalusian large blue, speckled, New Hampshire , Rhode Island large,
Tammy Rogers
last updated:2010-01-23 21:50:46
Location:    Molesworth, TAS
Phone:       0407395046
Comments:  Breeding Turkeys of various colours and Salmon Faverolles. Have Turkeys avaliable for sale at present.
Breeds:      Faverolles , Turkeys Buff, White and Bronze colours avaliable,
Joel & Gina Stingle
last updated:2012-05-11 19:16:49
Location:    Westbury, TAS
Phone:       0404004013
Breeds:      Campbell Duck Khaki, Guinea Fowl Pearl,Pied,Lavander,Cinnamon, Indian Runner Duck Fawn & White,Black,Trout,White , Leghorn Black Lge (PB), Orpington Duck Buff, Pekin Bantam Black,Brown Red,Buff,Cuckoo,Mottle,White, Sussex Lge Light, Turkeys Slate, Royal Palms,
steven harvey
last updated:2011-01-30 18:39:16
Location:    ouse, TAS
Breeds:      Ancona bantam , Indian Game large dark and jubilee, Leghorn bantam white, Silkie bantam black white and chinchilla, Sussex bantam light,
phillip glover
last updated:2011-08-08 19:03:52
Location:    sheffield, TAS
Phone:       0364911005
Comments:  australorp pullets, cockerals; hyline pullets ,trio coronation sussex ,variety 1st year large breed hens and cockerals
Breeds:      Andalusian large blue, Australorp large black, Barnevelder large , Indian Game large dark, Legbar large gold, Leghorn large brown, production white buff, Plymouth rock large light barred, large buff, Rhode Island large red, laying strain, Silkie black, silver, Sussex large light, Wyandotte large buff,
Melissa Coy
last updated:2010-05-07 12:15:28
Location:    Railton, TAS
Breeds:      Leghorn white with brown speckled,
Jack Evans
last updated:2012-06-14 17:07:29
Location:    Wilmot (Devonport), TAS
Phone:       0364921495
Breeds:      Call Duck Buff, Silver, Trout, Blue Fawn and Silver Apricot, Old English Game bantams black-red L/L D/L, gold and silver duck wing L/L and D/L, mealy grey, grey, ginger, Pheasants , Quail , Yokohama Red Shouldered,
luke robinson
last updated:2010-05-24 11:56:57
Location:    hobart, TAS
Breeds:      Japanese Bantam ,
last updated:2010-05-28 11:41:57
Location:    new norfolk, TAS
Breeds:      Ancona , Plymouth rock , Sussex ,
Joseph Finn
last updated:2010-07-17 13:53:33
Location:    Opossum Bay, TAS
Comments:  I keep Modern Game bantams.
Breeds:      Modern Game Pile,
Scott Powell
last updated:2010-08-01 13:17:26
Location:    Smithton, TAS
Comments:  breeder of quality silkies and bantam anconas also have large anconas
Web Page:
Web Page 2:
Breeds:      Ancona Bantam and Large, Silkie Large Black and some coloured birds,
Melissa Page
last updated:2013-04-07 01:49:38
Location:    Launceston, TAS
Phone:       0439364704
Breeds:      Australorp Large Black, Marans , Muscovy Duck Silver, Blue, Black and White, Bronze, Wyandotte Large Gold Laced,
Merv Hutt
last updated:2010-08-24 17:56:44
Location:    Hobart, TAS
Phone:       0409179824
Breeds:      Araucana lavender, Marans wheaten, Minorca black bamtams, Phoenix black reds bantams, Plymouth rock bantams, Polish wcblue ,wcblack ,white,frizzle bantams, Sebright Bantam gold bantams , Silkie buff bantams, Spanish black bamtams,
Storm Eastley
last updated:2010-08-31 09:11:35
Location:    Premaydena, TAS
Phone:       0418587454
Comments:  I breed Sebrights but is looking to get some more breeds, and looking to get my school to breed rare breeds as well
Breeds:      Sebright Bantam gold laced,
last updated:2010-09-17 15:31:00
Location:    whitehills, TAS
Phone:       0448932762
Breeds:      Australian pit game black red blue black,
last updated:2013-03-24 19:58:46
Location:    Nunamara (East Of Launceston), TAS
Breeds:      Araucana , Australorp Lge Black, Barnevelder Lge Double Laced , Sussex Lge Light,
nigel bell
last updated:2011-01-06 14:03:43
Location:    wynyard, TAS
Phone:       64454407
Comments:  WANTED white leghorns,buff sussex pullets under $18
Joy Young
last updated:2011-02-15 14:39:58
Location:    Sorell, TAS
Breeds:      Faverolles large Salmon,
liz Hardy
last updated:2012-08-20 21:29:34
Location:    Railton, TAS
Phone:       0488065042
Breeds:      Barnevelder double laced, Malay Game large and Bantam, Modern Game bantam, Silkie white,,black,
last updated:2011-03-27 14:28:33
Location:    georgetown, TAS
Phone:       0429180134
Breeds:      Sussex coronation,
last updated:2011-12-27 00:27:01
Location:    Cressy, TAS
Phone:       0438569138
Breeds:      Araucana lavender, Barnevelder , Marans wheaten, New Hampshire , Silkie mixed, Sussex light,
anne frank
last updated:2011-04-25 14:08:18
Location:    pipers river, TAS
Phone:       0363954263
Breeds:      Indian Game large dark, Polish bantam& large blue,white black cuckoo,
Classy Chicks
last updated:2011-05-03 22:21:02
Location:    Scottsdale, TAS
Web Page:
Breeds:      Australorp , Cochin , Plymouth rock ,
Robert Wilson
last updated:2012-02-03 00:28:54
Location:    Longford, TAS
Phone:       0429911750
Comments:  Wyandotte (large) White Laced Red, Blue Laced Red, Black Laced Red, Buff Laced, Blue Laced Buff, Blue Laced Gold, Gold Laced, Blue Laced Silver, Silver Laced, Laced Blue, Blue, White, Black, Buff, Silver Pencilled, Partridge, Blue Partridge, Columbian, Blue Columbian, Buff Columbian, Red, Porcelain, Mille Fleur, Black Red, Blue Red, Gold Duckwing, Mottled, Cuckoo
Web Page:
Breeds:      Brahma large speckled , Plymouth rock large dark barred, Wyandotte ,
Jo McCall
last updated:2011-08-08 21:18:52
Location:    Evandale, TAS
Breeds:      Wyandotte Silver Laced,
Joy Young
last updated:2011-06-12 14:21:15
Location:    Sorell, TAS
Breeds:      Faverolles large salmon,
Max Moore
last updated:2011-06-16 18:28:45
Location:    Brighton, TAS
Phone:       0418841988
Breeds:      Leghorn White Bantams,
Jackie Roberts
last updated:2011-07-20 07:18:29
Location:    Mathinna, TAS
Breeds:      Araucana Black, Lavender,White, Embden Geese White, Silkie Black, White, Silver, , Turkeys White, Buff & White,
Rodney Saltmarsh
last updated:2011-08-03 10:38:55
Location:    Elizabeth Town, TAS
Phone:       0437881198
Breeds:      Blue Swedish Duck large Blue, Brahma Partridge,
Alison Jeffrey
last updated:2013-03-11 06:56:23
Location:    Wilmot, TAS
Comments:  Young birds available, email me for current price list
Breeds:      Barnevelder Double Laced, Dorking Silver Grey, Indian Game Large Dark, Wyandotte Bantam * Blue Lace Gold ,
Anthony Rowe
last updated:2011-08-22 20:14:48
Location:    Pipers River, TAS
Phone:       0407672245
Breeds:      Australian Game Large & Bantam, Black Red, Blue Red, Duckwing, Australian pit game Large Plain Face Black Red, Muffed Bantams Black Red, Blue, Splash , Brahma Large Speckled , Cayuga Duck Black & Blue, Chinese Geese White, Indian Game Large Dark, Jubilee & Blue, Pea Fowl Indian, Blue, White & Pied, Rouen Duck , Shamo Large, Spangle, Black Red, White & Black. I also breed Thai Game in White, Black, Black Red & Blue Red & Large Aseel in Spangle & Black Red,
Abby Bailey
last updated:2011-08-23 19:04:45
Location:    Pipers River, TAS
Phone:       0404329960
Breeds:      Japanese Bantam Blue, Splash, Duckwing. Currently experimenting with colours,
Clarissa & Leeanne Triffett/Mayger
last updated:2011-08-31 15:11:34
Location:    Hobart, TAS
Comments:  We are two friends/neighbours who both have Children with Autism and wanted a family pet that was easy to manage not to in your face, jumpy and with the benifits of eggs. Our aim is to breed pretty backyard chickens with a nice docile nature for any family even in the suburbs. There is nothing quiet like seeing a beautiful chicken sunbaking in your yard.
Web Page:
Breeds:      Araucana Lavender and Black, Cochin Large buff, Faverolles Large Salmon, Frizzle Bantam Buff, Blacks, White, Red, , Japanese Bantam white, buff , Pekin Bantam Blue, black, cuckoo, white, Polish Black, speckled, white and frizzled,
Kim Denwer
last updated:2013-04-08 20:52:03
Location:    Ridgley, TAS
Comments:  I have a small farm and building up my breeds
Breeds:      Australorp Black Large, Barnevelder Large Gold, Campbell Duck Khaki, Indian Game Large, Sussex Large light,
last updated:2011-09-26 21:17:02
Location:    Derwent Valley, TAS
Comments:  Breeder of Black Red Modern Game - Bantams, Dark Barred Plymouth Rocks - large and Partridge Wyandotte - bantams. May be selling birds in 2012.
Breeds:      Modern Game Black Red, Plymouth rock Dark Barred, Wyandotte Partridge,
Bonnie Panoff
last updated:2011-10-01 10:43:21
Location:    St Marys, TAS
Phone:       0363722357
Breeds:      Barnevelder Large, Double Laced, Brahma Large, Buff Columbian, Light , Cochin Large, Gold and Silver Laced, Blue, Blue Splash, White, Buff, Faverolles Large, Salmon, Hamburg Large, Gold Spangled, Polish large, gold and silver laced, Sultan White, Wyandotte large, gold, silver,
Gary Panoff
last updated:2011-10-04 19:41:13
Location:    St Marys, TAS
Phone:       0363722357
Breeds:      Barnevelder Large, Double Laced, Brahma Large, Buff Columbian, Light, White, Cochin Large, Gold and Silver Laced, Blue, Blue Splash, White, Buff, Bar, Faverolles Large, Salmon, Hamburg Gold Spangled, Japanese Bantam Mottle, Polish Large, Gold and Silver laced, Black, Buff, Sebright Bantam Gold , Sultan White, Wyandotte Gold and Silver Laced,
anne frank
last updated:2011-10-10 09:27:07
Location:    pipers river, TAS
Phone:       0363954263
Breeds:      Indian Game jubilee large dark large, Silkie black,blue,splash,white ,brown red,silver,
melissa Tuttle
last updated:2011-10-13 11:33:22
Location:    Lachlan/Molesworth, TAS
Comments:  I breed Australorp (Black, Blue and splash large), Barnevelders, Light Sussex, Speckled Sussex, New Hampshires, Barred Rocks, White Leghorn and Silver Laced Wyandottes. I have eggs, chicks, POL etc for sale from time to time please email for orders
Breeds:      Australorp large black, blue and splash, Barnevelder large double laced, Leghorn large white, New Hampshire large, Plymouth rock large light hens with darked barred roo, Sussex Light and speckled large, Wyandotte large silver laced,
karen prien
last updated:2011-10-26 05:49:16
Location:    launceston, TAS
Phone:       0363271050
Breeds:      Pekin Bantam black,
jaime atkins
last updated:2011-10-26 16:31:16
Location:    bridport, TAS
Phone:       0488188704
Breeds:      Australorp black, Guinea Fowl lavender, Pea Fowl indian blue, Pekin Duck white, Sussex large, light,coronation, and buff,
last updated:2011-10-28 10:38:55
Location:    Somerset, TAS
Phone:       0414640559
Breeds:      Andalusian ,
last updated:2011-10-29 17:15:41
Location:    Leslie Vale, TAS
Breeds:      Mallard Duck Any,
Blair Crawford
last updated:2011-10-31 12:29:22
Location:    Sheffield, TAS
Breeds:      Sussex light,
Kerry Wilson
last updated:2011-10-31 12:58:26
Location:    Deloraine, TAS
Comments:  This season I am breeding Australorps - Lrg Black... Welsummer - Lrg brown... Turkeys - Blue slate... Double breasted Bronze X... Black X. I also have fertile eggs, chicks & poults for sale. Can also incubate your eggs...small lots only.
Breeds:      Australorp Large Black, Turkeys Blue/Slate, D.B Bronze X, Black X, Welsummer Large brown,
Penelope Ann
last updated:2011-10-31 18:04:24
Location:    Risdon, TAS
Comments:  We have 18 geese, 2 chooks and a turkey.
Breeds:      Chinese Geese white and grey,
Callum Woodham
last updated:2012-09-27 08:53:30
Location:    Sheffield, TAS
Phone:       0418178768
Breeds:      Guinea Fowl , Pheasants Pure Golden Pheasants(NOT Dark Throat), Ring Necks (Blue Mutant, Mongolian), Lady Amherst,
mark maloney
last updated:2011-12-04 08:11:32
Location:    beaconsfield, TAS
Comments:  i keep black australorps (large)there my main ones im trying too breed.. black langshans (large)ive only just gotten .. light sussex (but they r too young to breed)
Web Page:
Breeds:      Australian Langshan large black , Australorp large black , Rhode Island large red , Sussex large light ,
Elizabeth Bastick
last updated:2012-02-01 23:50:30
Location:    Howrah, TAS
Web Page:
Breeds:      Belgian Bantam , Silkie White,Black and Partridge,
Deanne Lance
last updated:2012-01-16 04:10:47
Location:    South Arm, TAS
Breeds:      Australian Game bantam, Belgian Bantam , Wyandotte silver pencilled,
Amelia Direen
last updated:2012-02-23 14:06:17
Location:    Franklin, TAS
Phone:       0488922679
Comments:  We are currently after some Australorps and Rhode Island Reds
Breeds:      Leghorn White, Muscovy Duck Dark Barred, Blue Pied, Pied, Lavender Pied, Blue and White, New Hampshire Brown, Pekin Bantam Grey, Black, White, Brown,
last updated:2012-03-06 11:34:57
Location:    westerway, TAS
Phone:       0488702632
Breeds:      Indian Game large dark,jubilee and blue,
Sharon Hill
last updated:2012-06-02 08:58:50
Location:    Hobart, TAS
Breeds:      Faverolles large salmon,
Matt Paine
last updated:2012-06-26 22:48:16
Location:    Orielton, TAS
Phone:       0407755132
Comments:  Just starting to breed
Breeds:      Call Duck , Faverolles salmon & ermine, Mallard Duck , Muscovy Duck , Pekin Bantam Various, Sussex Light,
Skye Harper
last updated:2012-07-29 21:00:37
Location:    Legana, TAS
Comments:  Barnevelders. Mum has been breeding barnevelders for over 10 years. My birds grandfather was champion bird at Melb & Sydney royals. Mareks resistant. Very large,well coloured birds that lay dark, large eggs, the best eggs you will find.
Breeds:      Barnevelder ,
Mel Walsh
last updated:2013-01-25 09:32:15
Location:    Claremont , TAS
Comments:  Please note that we do not sell fertile eggs. Youngstock are usually sold in pairs or trios. Hens/pullets are sold individually only when we have excess numbers. I do not respond to texts between 9pm and 9am, nor do I answer messages which do not include a name and some basic good manners.
Web Page:!home/mainPage
Breeds:      Araucana Large. Black, blue and splash, Barnevelder Large (gold double laced, silver laced, blue laced), Cochin Large buff (working on quality blues, blacks and splashes), Croad Langshan Large black, Japanese Bantam Black-tailed white, blue birchin, other colours (including frizzled), Marans French wheaten, Silkie White, partridge, silver (bearded and non-bearded),
Susan Lenz
last updated:2012-10-01 22:09:41
Location:    margate, TAS
Comments:  Breeder of coloured Silkies, light Sussex bantam, Orpington
Web Page:
Breeds:      Orpington blue, splash, black, buff, Silkie black, buff, white, lavender, splash, multi silver, Sussex light sussex bantam,
last updated:2012-09-04 11:20:32
Location:    Ringarooma, TAS
Comments:  Fertile Light Sussexs eggs $25 doz. Lovely, large pure bred birds.
Breeds:      Sussex Light Sussex, lovely large purebred birds,
Tania Bailey
last updated:2012-10-04 14:59:04
Location:    Sandford, TAS
Breeds:      Australorp Large blue, black and splash, Barnevelder Double laced, Sussex Large coronation ,
last updated:2012-10-04 19:39:31
Location:    Upper Natone, TAS
Comments:  Fertile Bantam Australorp eggs for sale.
Web Page:
Breeds:      Australorp Bantam: Black and Blue, Hamburg Bantam: Silver Spangled,
donella houghton
last updated:2012-10-07 18:43:16
Location:    Kelso, TAS
Comments:  Breeding Frizzle bantams, and frizzle japanese
Web Page:!home/mainPage
Breeds:      Frizzle bantams, various colours avaliable., Japanese Bantam straight and frizzled, ,
Natascha Plansoen
last updated:2012-11-25 03:18:14
Location:    Campania, TAS
Comments:  Orpington breeder
Breeds:      Orpington big black orpingtons,
Mandy Pickett
last updated:2012-12-28 06:41:39
Location:    Sandford, TAS
Breeds:      Indian Runner Duck Teal, Muscovy Duck Pied, Various, Sussex Light, Large Fowl,
last updated:2012-12-29 02:21:08
Location:    Ross, TAS
Phone:       63815336
Breeds:      Sussex Light Sussex,
luke rosendale
last updated:2013-02-19 23:24:47
Location:    New Norfolk, TAS
Comments:  Breeder of Old english game fowl/bantams
Breeds:      Old English Game Large oeg Orange Red, Dun, blue red. Bantams Duckwing, wheatens, duns Partridge dark legs, Orange red, Ginger red, ,
Michelle Gilding
last updated:2013-02-24 05:30:15
Location:    Gardners Bay, TAS
Breeds:      Barnevelder ,
Brennon Mrzyk Mrzyk
last updated:2013-03-19 10:37:58
Location:    Hobart, TAS
Phone:       0459213007
Comments:  Please Fell Free to view my poultry page! Lots of purebread stock..I sell fertile eggs, day old chicks, hens, pol,
Web Page:
Breeds:      Australorp large, black & blue & splash, Pekin Bantam * Mottle,White,Black Brown,Blue motttle,
last updated:2013-03-12 08:07:04
Location:    Acton Park, TAS
Breeds:      Australorp Blue, Large, Sussex Coronation Large,
Scott Blowfield
last updated:2013-03-23 17:45:15
Location:    Hobart, TAS
Breeds:      Araucana ,
Jo Abrahams
last updated:2013-03-24 11:35:57
Location:    Claremont, TAS
Comments:  Breeder of Bantam Light Sussex, Bantam Polish, Belgian D'Uccle, large Araucana & large Faverolles.
Breeds:      Araucana Large - Lavender, black & blue, Belgian Bantam D'Uccle - Porcelain, Lavender, Mille Fleur, White, Faverolles Large - Salmon, Black, Birchen, Blue, Polish Bantam - W/C black, W/C blue (straight & frizzle), Dark Laced, Cuckoo, Sussex Bantam - Light Sussex,
Sara Nolder
last updated:2013-04-02 09:47:24
Location:    hobart, TAS
Breeds:      Silkie ,
Jan King
last updated:2013-04-17 01:11:18
Location:    Tunbridge, TAS
Breeds:      Belgian Bantam millefleur, Pekin Bantam buff and cuckoo, Silkie white and buff,