Yummy Gardens

Yummy Gardens

Yummy Gardens stock a variety of chicken breeds including some rarer purebred chooks as well as crossbreeds with availability varying throughout the year. Our pure breeds are the Australorp, Cochin, French Wheaten Marans and Silkies. We also have Australorp cross New Hampshire which are a delightfull chook. They are smaller than the purebred Australorp, are predominantly black and are much better egg layers. Other crossbreeds available include Australorp cross Leghorn and New Hampshire cross Leghorn. Please contact us via our website www.yummygardensmelbourne.com or phone Greg on 0431 382 230 to check availability or to be placed on our waiting list.

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  • Pawsawhyl Poultry

    PO Box 44
    Point Lonsdale 3225
    Point Lonsdale, Victoria 3225

    Madwoman who likes everything that clucks and

  • Silver Spangled Hamburgs

    Portland (near Lithgow), NSW 2847

    Silver Spangled Hamburg pullets - $35


    Shepparton, Vic 3633

    Breeder of Wyandottes Silver Laced, Blue Laced

  • Large Rhode Island Reds

    Inverell, NSW 2360

    I am a breeder of the large Rhode Island Reds.

  • Pheasants