Wyandotte Club of Australia

Wyandotte Club of Australia

Established in 1915, the Wyandotte Club of Australia has developed into Australia’s premier specialist breed club fostering and promoting this great American breed in its many varieties that exist.We are truly a national club with office bearers and delegates residing in every state of our vast nation. Our club over the last decade has been blessed with a team of forward thinking administrators who have introduced a series of initiatives that have allowed the club to expand its activities and prosper financially.

The popularity of our chosen breed is continually increasing with every state in Australia having a specialist Wyandotte club which conducts a successful annual show. Our club sponsors each state club and most Royal Shows.

Duane Rhall
14 Howard St., Parkes. NSW
E-mail: whitewyandottes@ozemail.com.au

Brian Bennett
3A Clare Cres., Hadspen. Tasmania
E-mail: rnaps@bigpond.com

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