Hoddles Creek Farm

Hoddles Creek Farm

Breeding to conform with the Australian Poultry Standards for characteristics, colour, productivity and temperament.

An emphasis is placed on egg quality, quantity and colour.

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  • Braham Metry Auctioneers

    Australia, New South Wales

    Braham Metry Auctioneers Mammoth Muscovy Ducks

  • Fancy Feathers Silkies

    Manjimup, Western Australia 6258

  • Chalmore Cottage Poultry

    Dysart, Tasmania 7030

    Barnevelder, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Buff

  • Lindendale -Moree

    Australia 2400

    Pekin bantams in many colours available most of

  • Annie

    110 Koppin Yarratt rd
    Upper Lansdowne
    Upper lansdowne 2430

    Incubated & only rooster we kept. Free not for pot