Australia's first book on Guinea fowl

Australia's first book on Guinea fowl

Australia's first book on Guinea fowl Keeping, Etc


Book content

• Guinea fowl terminology and glossary
• History and folklore of Guinea fowl
• Guinea fowl species and colours
• Anatomy of the Helmeted Guinea fowl
• Why keep Guinea fowl?
• Common question asked about Guinea fowl
• Choosing and buying Guinea fowl
• Catching, carrying and transporting Guinea fowl
• Introducing and acclimatising Guinea fowl
• Guinea fowl housing
• Feeding and nutrition of Guinea fowl
• Breeding and raising Helmeted Guinea fowl plus candling of eggs
• Sexing Guinea fowl
• Guinea fowl health and diseases plus healthy herbs for Guinea fowl
• Predators of Guinea fowl
• The basic Guinea fowl Do’s and Don’ts
• Killing and dressing Guinea fowl
• Guinea fowl recipes
• Guinea fowl products

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