Truehearts Poultry

Truehearts Poultry

Here at Truehearts, we hatch and raise a limited range of rare and attractive heritage breeds (Barnevelders, Wheaten French Marans, Japanese Bantam and blue/black/splash Cochin).

We aim to breed to the standard and to bring you healthy, quality poultry that will provide as much delight to you and your family as they do to ours - with the added bonus of your own free-range eggs!

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Featured Listings

  • Ernie

    41 Greenes Lane Gordon

    Australorp .. Large Black Australorp .. Bantam

  • Mid North Poultry Club

    Clare SA
    Clare, South Australia 5453

    Mid North Poultry Club

  • Pam

    Barwite, Vic 3722

    Peacocks: Pied, Reverse Pied, Whites and Splits.

  • Brisbane Bird Vet

    Chermside, Queensland 4032

    Brisbane Bird Vet - Avian Specialist Care

  • Pekin Bantams

    We bred: Mealy Grey, Birchen, Cuckoo, Blue Red,