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New South Wales

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Humane Poultry Dispatcher

PO Box 61
Kandos, NSW 2850

A quick safe and blood free to dispatch birds.

Indian Myna Eradication Program

Glossodia, NSW 2756

Manufacturer of the "Myna X' Indian Myna trap. Protect your stock from the avian diseases these pests can spread.

Indian Runner Ducklings, Ducks & Fertile Eggs

PO Box 3051
Australia, 2158

Large flock of healthy Indian Runner Ducks, Includes whites, blacks, mallard, trout, silver harlequin, apricot, blue, fawn & white. Some non

Indian Runners, Brahmas, Pekins.....

Illaroo, NSW 2540

During the Season I will have hopefully some of the below available as unsexed chicks, Ducklings eggs only become available after fertility has been

Japanese Quail

Mudgee, NSW 2850

From fertile eggs to laying trios

Jomias Sanctum

Hill Top, NSW 2575

Sussex Light & Speckled (Standard),
Leghorn Exchequer (Standard),
Houdan (Standard),
Pekin Bantam,
Indian Game Bantam,
Blue Swedish Ducks.

Kacklebombs & Kritters by Molley

7 westside drive
Australia, 2880

For the love of chickens

Large Faverolles Poultry Stud - All Standard Colours

P O Box 399
Narooma NSW 2546
Narooma, NSW 2546

Relocated Stud to South Coast of NSW at Narooma. A new stud breeding facility has been built. Fertile eggs, chickens and adult birds available.

Large Rhode Island Reds

Inverell, NSW 2360

I am a breeder of the large Rhode Island Reds. Only just started out with these my breeding stock are from very good blood lines.

Lawton Park Poultry Stud

Leeton, NSW 2705

Breeders of Large Black Red / Partridge, Gold Creel, Gold & Silver Duckwings.

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