Japanese Quail

Japanese Quail

I am looking for people that breed and show Japanese and other Quail here in South Australia and interstate. I am looking for people that are serious about showing their Quail and are breeding for Quality and type rather than for the numbers. I have always shown Bantams and due to space restrictions have taken on Quail and I and really enjoying their personalities. I understand there is not a big community of individuals showing Quail at the moment but that can change as most of the Royal Shows have classes to show for Quail. If you have eggs for Sale from successfully shown Quail I am prepared to pay a decent price for them so I can incubate them and get a mix of blood into my Quail I have as I said just started I have one Male and 3 Females. One of the females is a tuxedo and one other is white mostly with 2 very small spots of white "what would you call this"? I look forward to hearing from you

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