Australian Crevecoeur Poultry Club

Australian Crevecoeur Poultry Club

Our constitution states the principal reasons for our existence are:

1/ to protect the breed of Crevecoeur Chicken in Australia for the long term through acquiring and preserving interests in or associated with the Crevecoeur Poultry Club.

2/ to preserve, restore or maintain the conservation value or environmental significance of the Crevecoeur Poultry Breed through the planned management of the current conservancy property at Eagle Point in East Gippsland that is established for the foundation for Crevecoeur birds.

3/ to obtain funds or other property through donations, bequests, public appeals, special events and from the corporate sector.

4/ to provide financial or in-kind help to others to protect and manage the Crevecoeur Chicken breed in Australia.

5/ to provide advice to others about how to protect and manage the Crevecoeur Chicken Breed

6/ to pursue business, sponsorship and other appropriate relationships with the public and private sector to achieve the objects of the Australian Crevecoeur Poultry Club.

If you’d like a full copy of our constitution, please contact us.

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