We supply both the commercial as well as the serious small breeders of chicken, duck, turkey, quail, guinea fowl, goose, pheasant, pea fowl,

Automatic Egg Incubators for all species of poultry, waterfowl and game birds with Australian-Breeder design and many innovations. Dual humidity mode to operate in our hot and dry conditions. A segregated hatching chamber with lint filters to keep chick fluff and dander out of the electrics. 3-Year hobby use warranty.

Drum pluckers in three sizes with powerful motors, five rows of fingers, and an optional feather-rinse water ring

Kill cones - restraining funnels

Treadle feeders & Bell Drinkers

Accessories and parts

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Featured Listings

  • Lazy Ranch

    Mount Perry 4671

    Lazy Ranch has Jungle Fowl Available

  • Hatched

    88 Boundary Road
    Brighton, East Sussex BN3 7GA

  • Laying boxes

    Australia 6065

    Laying, brooder and carry boxes made from quality

  • Silkies WA

    Toodyay, WA 6566

    White, Black, Buff and Partridge silkies available

  • Pekin Bantams WA

    Toodyay, WA 6566

    Various colours available late spring 2013