French Marans Club Australia

French Marans Club Australia

French Marans Club Australia

The French Marans Club Australia has been established to provide support to its members, and to encourage the breeding and exhibition of Marans fowl.

The Club produces a quarterly electronic Newsletter that provides articles on the breeding of Marans, news items, contact lists for persons seeking to purchase or sell birds or eggs, and information from Marans Clubs in other countries.

Featured Listings

  • Orders Taken for Various breeds

    49 Waterford Drive
    Gidgegannup 6083

    RIR, Barnevelder, Silver Campine, Araucanna egg

  • Winsome Wellies

    PO BOX 90
    Tamborine, Queensland 4270

    Welsummers for Sale Sorry I do not sell fertile

  • Koomooloo Farm

    Canberra ACT
    Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2600

    Breeds: Araucana large, broad variety of

  • Dambreezee

    Standard DL Barnevelder

  • Bruces Poultry


    Pheasants i keep.: Nepal kalij Reeves Silvers