Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my search results?

The search function on the directory uses a number of fields to find items when you search.


 A very important field for you to fill in well is the keywords field in the listing.  This should contain any important words that relate to your listing.  You may also increase the chance of someone finding you by including common incorrectly spelled versions of words in here.  For example, if you are advertising pekin ducks you might include both 'pekin' and 'peking' in your keywords box so that somebody using the wrong version will also find your page.


The other fields in your listing are also important.  Fill them all in for the best search results.  If there are blanks, the listing will still be made but your search results will be less reliable.

Featured Listings

  • Molong Show Society Poultry Auction
    PO Box 109 Molong NSW 2866
    Molong, NSW 2866

    Molong Show Society's first Poultry Auction will

  • Canberra Queanbeyan Poultry Club

    P.O Box 6092
    Queanbeyan East, NSW, 2620
    Canberra / Queanbeyan, ACT 2620

    The aims of the Canberra Queanbeyan Poultry Club

  • Alaryn Farm

    South Bingera, Qld 4670

    We have the beautiful Welsh Harlequin Ducks and

  • Lithgow & District Poultry Club

    13 Diamond Swamp Rd
    Meadow Flat NSW 2795
    Lithgow, NSW 2790

    We are a family-friendly Poultry Club based at the

  • New England Watefowl

    ARMIDALE, NSW 2350

    Breeding Call Ducks in White, Silver, Apricot,