Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim a listing as mine?

All listings have a number of icons on the right-hand side.  One of them is labelled 'claim me'.  You need to have an account to claim a listing so you will be taken to a registration page.  Create your account, complete the form and a Manager will be notified that there is a claim on a listing. 

Featured Listings

  • Backyard Poultry Supplies

    Koroit, Victoria 3282

    Backyard Poultry Supplies

  • Brahma

    1600 Princes Highway
    Buckley, Victoria 3240

    Birds sometimes available plus eggs (pick up only)

  • Australorps

    Ellendale, Tasmania 7140

    I breed large Australorp in Black, Blue and Splash

  • Demo Listing

    Just trying out a listing

  • Cuckoo Poultry Stud

    Nthn Grampians, Victoria 3380