Down South Farm Barnevelders

Down South Farm Barnevelders

Fertile Barnevelder eggs now available for $50 per dozen.

Here at Down South Barnevelders we have been breeding Barnevelders organically for many years and specialise in the double laced variety. These beautiful birds are renowned for their calm temperament and rich brown eggs. They are a good multi purpose bird who lay about 200 eggs per year, sometimes more, and a three month old bird will produce a 1.2 kg dressed carcass.

Our main focus is to breed birds with good egg laying and meat production rather than for show.

In order to maintain genetic diversity and produce high quality birds I regularly obtain eggs from all over Australia. If you are interested in swapping eggs please contact me.

Shipping for a dozen eggs anywhere in Australia via express post with temperate stable packaging is $25. I post all eggs via express post and post only on Mon or Tues.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or need any advice.

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