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Khaki Campbell ducks

po box 467
Linwood, SA 5410

Breeding strong, healthy with a touch of intelligence Khaki Campbell ducks.

Murray Guy

Adelaide Hills, SA 5244

Coloured Indian Runners:

From NSW and VIC bloodlines.
Black, Dark Campbell, Grey/White, Blue Fawn, Blue ( Lavender, Cumberland)
Ducklings - adults

Murray Guy

Adelaide Hills, SA 5244

Watervale ducks:
From NSW bloodlines. New genetics added 2011/2012.
Young stock/adults For Sale when available. Orders taken.

Pheasants and Ducks

Adelaide Hills, 5250

Pheasants: Several different varieties.
Cayuga: black.
Houdan: Mottled and white.

wyldux poultry

Riverton, South Australia

breeder or black blue and platinum australorps, light and dark barred plymouth rocks, and black muscovy ducks

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