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Duck breeds

Aylesbury  (5)

Bali  (1)

Blue Swedish  (2)

Campbell  (3)

Cayuga  (5)

Crested  (1)

Elizabeth  (2)

Indian Runner  (12)

Magpie  (1)

Mallard  (2)

Muscovy  (14)

Orpington  (1)

Pekin  (4)

Pommern  (0)

Rouen  (3)

Rouen Clair  (3)

Saxony  (7)

Watervale  (2)

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David Monteleone

1177 Northern Hwy Bylands
Australia, 3762

Specializing in the breeding of Light Barred Plymouth Rocks, Light Sussex, Gold and Silver Campines as well as Andalusian and Muscovies.


41 Greenes Lane Gordon

Australorp .. Large Black
Australorp .. Bantam .. Blue
Silkie .. Blue

Fancy Feathers Chicken Farm

Australia, 3345

Quality Poultry and Waterfowl bred to Australian standards ....

Indian Runners, Brahmas, Pekins.....

Illaroo, NSW 2540

During the Season I will have hopefully some of the below available as unsexed chicks, Ducklings eggs only become available after fertility has been

Japanese Bantams and Saxony Bantams

109 Atkinson Street Oakleigh
Oakleigh, VIC 3166

Pedigree Japanese bantams and Pedigree Saxony Bantam Ducks

Jomias Sanctum

Hill Top, NSW 2575

Sussex Light & Speckled (Standard),
Leghorn Exchequer (Standard),
Houdan (Standard),
Pekin Bantam,
Indian Game Bantam,
Blue Swedish Ducks.

Just Dorkings

Huonville, Tasmania

Large Silver-grey Dorkings

Kalimna Heritage Breeds

94 McFarlanes Road
Hamilton, Vic 3300

Currently breeding Salmon Faverolles and Aylesbury Ducks

Khaki Campbell ducks

po box 467
Linwood, SA 5410

Breeding strong, healthy with a touch of intelligence Khaki Campbell ducks.


Andrew Flett
Donald, Victoria 3480

Exhibition quality waterfowl and Wyandotte bantam

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