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Clifton Downs Farm - Breeders of Heritage Chickens

Clifton Downs Farm specialises in breeding Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red Chickens.

Cosey Acre Sussex

Coolongolook, NSW

At Cosey Acre Sussex we have the following colours in Sussex. Coronation, Buff, Speckled, Silver and Platinum.

Young stock available now. We also

Evans Chickens

173 Whitmore Road
Maraylya, NSW 2765

We are a family business that can help you with all your backyard poultry needs. We have pure breed australorp, light sussex and plymouth rock poultry

Goulburn Heritage Poultry

Goulburn, NSW 2580

Natural Ancona, Red Ancona, Silver Spangled Hamburgs, Gold Spangled Hamburgs, Silver Pencilled Hamburgs, Gold Pencilled Hamburgs, Black

Hillview Poultry

Northam, Western Australia

Specialising in day old chickens up to point of lay in Rhode Island Red, Speckled Sussex, Platinum Sussex, Silver Grey Dorking, Silkie and French

Jomias Sanctum

Hill Top, NSW 2575

Sussex (Standard) Light, Silver & Speckled.
Sussex (Bantam) Light & Coronation.
Sussex (Utility) Avgen.
Leghorn (Standard) Exchequer.
Silkies Blue &

Koomooloo Farm

Canberra ACT
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2600

Breeds: Araucana large, broad variety of colours, Australorp Large, from show quality stock, Barnevelder , Marans Wheaten, Saxony Duck , Silkie

Krynndale Poultry

Breeder of:

Black/Blue Faverolles
BLS/SL and BLG Wyandottes
Mixed colour Pekins
Speckled Sussex

Bronze, Blue/Blue barred and Black/Black barred

Light Sussex

14 Orchard Rd
Moonah, 7009

Light Sussex Day old chicks

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