Chickens - Softfeather

Breeders of particular softfeather breeds

Ancona  (5)

Andalusian  (4)

Araucana  (11)

Australorp  (25)

Barnevelder  (17)

Brahma  (3)

Campine  (6)

Cochin  (7)

Dorking  (9)

Faverolles  (10)

Frizzle  (5)

Hamburgh  (9)

Houdan  (3)

Japanese  (4)

Legbar  (1)

Leghorn  (10)

Marans  (16)

Minorca  (3)

Orpington  (19)

Pekin  (17)

Phoenix  (1)

Plymouth Rock  (16)

Polish  (3)

Rhode Island  (14)

Rosecomb  (0)

Sebright  (4)

Silkie  (25)

Spanish  (2)

Sultan  (2)

Sussex  (42)

Welsummer  (5)

Wyandotte  (29)

Yokohama  (2)

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Elleranne Bantams

Melbourne, Victoria

English Cuckoo Marans

Warrandyte, 3113

An up and coming breeding project, dedicated to breeding healthy and breed standard Cuckoo Marans.

Enquire at

Fancy Feathers Chicken Farm

Australia, 3345

Quality Poultry and Waterfowl bred to Australian standards ....

Fancy Feathers Silkies

Manjimup, Western Australia, 6258

Breeding bearded and standard silkies.
At the moment they are not SHOW quality- but have interstate rooster coming soon.
All stock out of my show hens

Faverolles Australia Inc

2821 Williams Crossing Road
Barmedman, New South Wales 2668

Societe de Volaille Faverolles, Australia

Faverolles Field day and Sale

P O Box 399
Narooma NSW 2546
Narooma, NSW 2546

Relocated Stud to South Coast of NSW at Narooma. A new stud breeding facility has been built. Fertile eggs, chickens and adult birds available.

Featherfoot Farm

Sydney, NSW

Breeding French Marans in 5 colours.

French Marans, Wheaten and Blue Wheaten

Boyland, Qld 4275

Gentian Orpingtons

East Warburton, Victoria 3799

Breeder of Large Orpingtons

Gentian Poultry

East Warburton, Victoria 3799

NEW - Black Sultans

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