Chickens - Softfeather

Breeders of particular softfeather breeds

Ancona  (5)

Andalusian  (4)

Araucana  (10)

Australorp  (25)

Barnevelder  (17)

Brahma  (3)

Campine  (6)

Cochin  (7)

Dorking  (9)

Faverolles  (10)

Frizzle  (5)

Hamburgh  (9)

Houdan  (3)

Japanese  (4)

Legbar  (1)

Leghorn  (10)

Marans  (16)

Minorca  (3)

Orpington  (18)

Pekin  (17)

Phoenix  (1)

Plymouth Rock  (16)

Polish  (3)

Rhode Island  (14)

Rosecomb  (0)

Sebright  (4)

Silkie  (25)

Spanish  (2)

Sultan  (2)

Sussex  (42)

Welsummer  (5)

Wyandotte  (29)

Yokohama  (2)

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Savannahs French Marans

108 rose farm lane
logan village, 4207

I am 9 years old and I show, breed, raise and sell French Marans Chickens (with some help from mum!). We have wheatens, blue wheatens, buffs and

Shoalhaven Poultry


Breeders of Barnevelders, Wyandottes, Pekin Bantams, Belgian Bantams and Call Ducks


Coolongolook, NSW 2423

Silkie downs have Buff and Bearded Buff. Bearded White and Black and Partridge. Also Normal Black and Lavender. Soon Bearded Blue.


Manjimup, Western Australia 6258

breeder of silkie chickens in variety of colours, including black, white, buff and blue

Silkies bred by Yummy Gardens Melbourne

Victoria 3761

Yummy Gardens has several breeds of chooks available including Silkies.

Silkies WA

Toodyay, WA 6566

White, Black, Buff and Partridge silkies available from late spring 2013.

Silver Campine Cockeral

83 Bernedale Way
Duncraig, 6023

Silver Campine Cockeral

Silver laced Wayndottes

10 Cessnock Street
Cessnock, 2325

Breeder of quality large silver laced wyandottes - fertile eggs and pullets available from show winning stock

Silver Pencilled Wyandottes

Trangie, NSW 2823

Silver Pencilled Wyandottes

Silver Spangled Hamburgs

Portland (near Lithgow), NSW 2847

Silver Spangled Hamburg pullets - $35

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