Automatic Chicken Drinker Chook Waterer

Automatic Chicken Drinker Chook Waterer

3 Outlet Nipple Automatic Mains Pressure Chicken Drinker / Poultry Coop Waterer
The best in Automatic Chicken Drinker on the Market! It really is the best thing you can buy for yourself and your chickens after the cage / hen house!

Going away no problem set it up with a tap timer from bunnings, mitre10 or any other garden supplies store and your chickens will be well watered whilst you are away and due to the construction and sealed designed their is almost no risk of the unit falling over as happens with the traditional drinkers.

For those with a busy work work but still love that home laid egg this free's you up from the daily water chore just a quick check when eggs are colledted to see all is working fine lift one of the lids to inspect or tickle one of the nipples to see water is there.

We use these ourselves and have not had to fill a drinker by hand in over 4 years now!

NEW OPTION! - Now available in the same High Quality Impact Plastic Inlet Valve with a Plastic Tap adapter or choose Brass which provides 1/2" Brass Shank and Brass Tap adapter.

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