Adelaide Chicken Sitting Service

Adelaide Chicken Sitting Service

Don't let owning chickens stop you from having a holiday!

Not just chickens, but all manner of poultry, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Book for a day, a weekend, a week or even longer.

We come to you so your flock is not stressed or exposed to cross-contamination from other poultry.

From only $15 (flock of up to 15).

I only charge per flock NOT per pet. So you SAVE!

Book a once or twice a day visit.

Basic visit includes: egg collection, food and water top ups, light general clean and seeing to their environment.

Other services include wing clipping for that flighty bunch, and a thorough coop cleaning.

Complimentary services on offer include wheelie bins and mail collection.

For more information on my services, prices and to make a booking, please visit my website:

Janine (the Crazy Chicken Lady)

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