Australian Poultry Standards

The Australian Poultry Standard  2nd Edition is a 345 page hardcover book in full colour.   The book comes in two versions – standard and limited.   The content is identical in both versions. (APS_2nd_edition_order_form)


Australian Poultry Standards 2nd Edition. Standard on the left and Limited edition on the right.

The retail price for the standard edition  is $90 + $15 postage & handling

The price for the limited edition (1000 copies only) is $120 + $15 postage & handling.    Australian Poultry Standard 2nd Edition 2012
It is hard cover, whether you get the limited edition. There are 345 pages which are pretty close to A4 size. The pages feel slightly glossy to touch.
Content is what matters. It includes the usual foreword, acknowledgements and introduction. Then there is the really useful material – the Interpretation of the Standards for judges, breeders and exhibitors; Nomenclature of domestic poultry including the recognisable diagram; then the Australian Poultry Standards for 39 Softfeather fowls and bantams, 11 Hardfeather fowl, 23 Watefowl, 9 Geese, Guinea fowl, Turkeys and Eggs. In most cases these are extended beyond edition one and there are lots of pictures throughout the publication. At the back there is a glossary which includes details like comb types, faults and specialised vocabulary.

You can order your copy of the Australian Poultry Standards Edition 2 by going to the VPFA site here:  VPFA SHOP